The Real World Made a Scary Appearance

Dear Mom.

Well this week was pretty routine, apart from Choir on Wednesday and another singing event on Sunday night. First, the mission is putting together a super awesome choir! We are practicing 8 songs and this Friday is the last rehearsal. I am singing base and the songs aren’t too complicated. It should be a great teaching opportunity and a powerful spiritual experience.  The second event was we (all the missionaries in the stake) were asked to attend a fireside called “Set Your Course” for 11 year olds about to be deacons. We sang in front of the pulpit ‘Called to Serve” Texas Fort Worth style (which is different). Afterwards, as we were leaving there was an 11 year old in the hall with his mom, I asked him what his name was and shook his hand. I can’t remember all that I said, but it was a spiritual experience to see the look on his face and reassure him that this is what God would have him do. I think his mom was appreciative. 
Also transfer information was distributed this week! Being a Zone Leader, we see all information on Saturday, then we call all the missionaries and let them know what their life will be like for the next six weeks on the Monday following or in other words, today! 
I am going to stay in Euless Spanish area but Elder Hepworth is going to go home on Wednesday! That is interesting to see how he feels and just how the shock has been for him. He had his exit interview on Tuesday and the real world made a scary appearance in his near future. 
My new companion is going to be Elder Hansen! He is currently serving in the same ward as I am, but now we will be companions! And Spanish Training Leaders as well as Zone Leaders! Which means we have to travel and represent the spanish missionaries when we have ideas or learn from the missionaries on how to best help the latino people here in Texas Fort Worth! 
This week we also had two awesome people come to church! Their daughter was baptized almost 2 months ago after studying for about 2 years! They are super cool and after church, the bishopric had a lunch in the kitchen for anyone who wanted to come, and that is how they feed the missionaries on Sunday, the people we are teaching came! They had a great time, and the fellowship they received, along with the amazing fish tacos, salad, rice, and banana pudding, was fantastic!
The Bishopric made lunch

The Bishopric made lunch

We taught them later that night and they asked about what did the teacher mean in Gospel principles when he said “that a man needs’ his other half of the orange’ to get into heaven”, (they were talking about priesthood, and the importance of being together as a sealed couple) We glady explained parts of the Plan of Salvation, but we were in a hurry to get to the singing event so we weren’t able to get all that we had planned accomplished. 
I hope yall are having a great time! Tell Tayler that I love him and wish him a happy birthday! That was his last birthday I have to be absent for in the mission, so now I will not miss another one of my brothers birthdays for being in Texas. Love Yall!
I love you!
Elder Grant hagen
(p.s. I will get a better picture of my companion.)
Is this really a "better" picture of his companion?

Is this really a “better” picture of his companion?


Local art

Local art


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