Gracias a que el vive

Hello Mom!

This week was pretty busy! Exchanges, meetings, teaching, finding, singing, and overall being a missionary!


I remember hearing that Matt got his mission call to Columbia! That is wonderful, I have met some Columbianos here in Texas, well we really get a wide variety of people! But they are super amazing people and I am grateful to know them, some are members, others are people we meet on the street. There is a family with the last name of Perez, he is from Columbia and they are members that let us come over and have dinner once and awhile, and even better, they want to/ are sharing the Gospel!

I got to go on an exchange this week with our district leader Elder Brown! To make it even better, I got to go back to my first area! That was fun! I got to spend the night in the very room that I had slept in while I was being trained. They are teaching some of the same people I had known, and there is one kid that I had found and began to teach that is now coming to church with his family!


We also went on another exchange with the assistants. That was super cool as well, it isn’t common to go on an exchange with an english missionary and to see the way that they teach as well is super different and a great way to learn. In spanish we sometimes get caught up in learning the language, and we may sadly lose some of the skills we need to be powerful teachers, I was called to recollect  these things and gratefully it helped me learn some important truths.

One of which was made more clearly to me today, since normally I write at about 11, but today at 2:30 since we had a lesson! A member had invited over two friends who were interested in the gospel, we were able to share the lesson and I got a strong feeling that told me. “teach as you would want missionaries to teach the people you know and care about” That struck me hard and helped me pull out of being a “robot” missionary of teaching the lesson to check it off of the list. If I am to teach the people, I must become a master teacher. That was a great piece of revelation/ reminder for me just today!


I hope you have a great week! I am super excited for General Conference and I hope you let me know what things stuck out to you from the sessions!


I love you, have a happy easter!



Elder Grant Hagen

P.S. have you seen the church’s new video called Because he lives? Or in spanish, Gracias a que el vive?

(The last week of Jesus Christ’s life changed the world forever. See how:


march 15 car ride peace march 15 missionaries



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