This week I got the chance to go back into my last Zone! We had an exchange with the Zone Leaders in Fort Worth and I got to teach in their area! It was really awesome! We visited one part-member family and they were so humble and want to be baptized but just have a few things to sort out. We watched a great video called in english (Because of Him) and the mom was on the verge of crying. It was such a powerful and spiritual moment.

Saturday we had a great conference with Elder Robbins of the 70! I wish all of the missionaries in the mission could have gone! He taught so many great principles, like how there are a great many doctrinal pair, The fall and the Atonement, Being and Doing, and the one he focused on was Agency and Responsibility. It is interesting to think we live in a world where everyone wants to be “free” i.e. do whatever they want to do, but few accept the consequences and the load of being responsible for what is done. How Agency is one of the greatest points of Doctrine fought over in the war in Heaven between Satan’s plot and God’s plan. We discussed what excuses or things do people use to not have responsibily, he testified that if we eliminate those things from our life, we will find greatness. It will help us see that 50% responsibility on ones behalf and 50% on the other does not = 100%, but both putting 100% is what truly works both in missionary companionships and in relationships in all.
On Sunday a “new” missionary came to Texas Fort Worth! His name is Elder Beckert and he is awesome! For now since he is a spanish missionary he is staying with us and he is awesome and full of energy!
I love you and hope you have a great week! le quiero mucho y no trato a molestarle, estoy agradecido por todo lo que hace para me!
Elder Grant Hagen
1. Me, I do have less acne (still some, but small).
april 15 happy hagen
2. Beautiful Colleyville.
april 15 scenery
3. A llama and several horses in a really blurry picture.
april 15 cows
4. Momentary Trio!
april 15 trio

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