Opening a New Area


SO transfers are this week, I bet you already know that though from the Texas Fortworth Missionary Moms. SO here is the lowdown. I am going to open an area! I will be going to a car area in Weatherford where there isnt a spanish branch and we will work! It has been a good amount of time since spanish missionaries have been in this part of our mission but from what I know, the members want us there! So I bid farewell to the metroplex, to large cities, expensive stores, and spanish wards (which I have been in my whole mission up until now) and I am off, off into the new frontier of Spanish work! 

So I got to go to Denton this last week! That was super cool and I got to see some members and investigators that I had taught up there! The travel itself was interesting since it took about an hour, and mid travel to Denton it started to rain on us and our luggage was in the bed, so we pulled off on a road by the lakeside, put everything on our laps, and set out again. The assistants were driving, it is really convenient that we can ask them for travel help on long distance exchanges. 
april 15 ominous skies
I also realized that I took a ton of photos this week, I hadn’t realized it until I was scrolling through seeing what I should send to yall and what I plan to keep until I get home. (muhahaaha) So I probabily will send dad a few more, I try not to send duplicates so you get some and he gets others, I figured you would like the ones that I am in, and send dad some of the more interesting sights I see. 
april 15 cool elder hagenapril 15 lasso practice
I am so grateful to have been taught by loving parents with firm testimonies in the gospel. I heard a video of one of the apostles and he said “how do we get families to be multigenerationally active in the church?” and I thought “be taught by my parents”. Even if people like this new Sunday School President get under your skin for things like that, just know that I think you are one of the best teachers I have ever known. Now for this brother I would have happily quoted some verses about teaching by example, which maybe wouldn’t be to nice if I pointed out he had never taught, nor in a family situation, maybe D&C 121: 34-44 but that wouldn’t have solved much. (We refer to that section a lot in the mission in pretty much every leadership training meeting).
As for the Mothers day call, BTW this will be my last phone call home unless something traumatic happens (it is tornado season), but all will be well, I know the Lord watches over yall and I have seen his hand in my life and in the lives of other missionaries. I would like to call in the evening which really means that any time after 5 (Texas time, 7 California time) to 8 (Texas time, 10 California time) would be good for me, but what works for yall? 
So for the pictures, one is of a few paintings, what happened was that the mission apartment coordinator is trying to slim down the surplus storage, so he offered that we could take our pick! We chose some beautiful paintings that I have enjoyed for a week before leaving, but now our apartment feels a bit like a chapel hallway… Each room has at least 1 painting. 
april 15 pictures galore
I hope you have a great week! I love you! Nos vemos pronto!
Con Amor,
 Elder Grant Hagen

Hey Dad,

So this week was pretty normal, I got to go to Denton though so that was really cool! I havent been there since October of last year so to have an exchange and bike those streets again was quite a cool experience. Plus we went on an exchange with the Elders Quorum president who I hadn’t seen since I left, and he remembered me!
Also, our area covers the Texas Motor Speedway, we hadn’t been by until we drove to Denton since there doesnt seem to be a high amount of hispanic people over there, but it was really cool to go by, it is pretty big! Going by on the highway I dont think I really got a whole perspective, but the setup is huge! Also, I was really glad that you said I will be your “plus one” to SEMA, it is a bit weird to think that time is coming up soon and those things are too far away.
april 15 speedway
april 15 freeway april 15 legoland texas
Also! I am going to open an area in Weatherford! We will be the first spanish missionaries in the area in awhile. I know the mission experience isn’t measured by baptisms, and I want you to know that I invite, and if they say no I ask why, until it gets to the point where they understand why they are being invited. However normally getting a second lesson is pretty hard. I know in South American and really all of Latin America missionaries sometimes baptize in the hundreds (Elder Beckert who is with us as a trio, was just in a southern Mexico mission was baptizing weekly) Here people are different, normally not as humble. I am glad that Uncle Doug was able to share that. I do desire and fight to baptize every day, it just hasnt really been working so far. So with a new area I hope to turn things around, get some great member involvement, hound on those who are being taught (as in frequent visits) to get them to church and with a baptismal date, here people have to understand why they go to church, technically they have to go three times, but it is really a measure that they are ready when they steadily go.
The goats are really interesting, so for sure there arent any coyotes or bob cats up there snacking on the goats? (Referring to the very large herd of goats that was set free on the hill behind our house to eat weeds and brush so there are no big fires.) Here I have seen some huge herds of cows, but each has had so much land, once when we road through central california we saw some farms where it was small compact areas filled with cows, here they have rolling acres and it is more how we picture farms look like as kids.
april 15 cows everywhere
I hope you have a great week! I love you! When I get my new address I will send it to yall, also with the phone call I could do it after 5pm Texas time which is about 7 California time, but it all depends, and I probabily wont have a firm guarentee until next week.
Take Care!
Elder Grant Hagen

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