Pascua sounded like a great event with yall! I personally had a wonderful weekend and it was amazing to listen to God’s chosen “Prophets, seers, and revelators”
My heart is overjoyed that in your e-mail you quoted those wonderful stories that were shared. One that stuck out to me was of President Monson and how he talked about the temple, how the one boy had had a bad experience in the mission, went home for a sickness, and in the temple a man named Landon was prompted to talk with him, to comfort him. He told of the great joys he had on his mission, yet not until the end did they realize they were focused on the same mission! I understood that life is taken how we look at it, anyone can learn great and wonderful things, where as another, if they don’t have an open heart. will be left with what appear to be struggles and trails. Yet, at the temple, we can be free of our worldly struggles and fears. It is a place of true peace, it is clean, pure, and holy.
Elder Pino in the last session gave a really good talk, him and the other member of the seventy spoke in spanish, and I was able to understand it all! I loved how they began with their conversion stories, which was really helpful since we watched that session with an investigator in his home!
This week I also got to go out into the Texas country to a city called Stephenville! We had an exchange and I got to see the wonderful sights of being it what stereotypical Texas looks like to anyone not from the state. Literally none of it is desert, it is all wetland, just nearly flat hills and fields with patches of trees and forest.
Fort Worth in the distance.

Fort Worth in the distance.

On Friday we had the mission choirs Easter service! We sang a total of 8 songs, I gave my recorder to my companion (since I was up on the stand singing) and he recorded the whole thing!
Sunday morning before General Conference, we had another Easter service in Colleyville, there were quite a few different singers, the mission choir, and Glen Beck was the keynote speaker. That was interesting, Colleyville is a part of our mission that is very successful financially so it was a bit different that other areas I have been in.
I hope you have a wonderful week! Te Amo mucho!
Elder Grant Hagen
Elders Hansen and Hagen

Elders Hansen and Hagen


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