No “cool” Computer This week (sad face)

Yep that is the right address! I should be good, if you could send anything like tortilla chips as well, I might try to make some taco salad, see how that goes, Other things, like cinnamon, cocoa (protein powder works for this), granola, and dads delicious home made jerky are all appreciated. 

So I am on a non-photo computer… There are only 4 “cool” computers and the rest are all just monitors and keyboards hooked into one ethernet system, so…. I dont have many options. I do have photos though! I have about 3000 photos of my mission so far, so it totals out right? some are errors, but most are memories of something or cool sights I have seen. Imagine the agony of waiting if I couldnt send any more until the end of my mission? Muhahaha, but really, I will try to send more. 
This week I feel like I talked about a bit over the phone, but some of the cool things we did maybe I didnt go over. 
We went on an exchange with the zone leaders, it is always interesting doing an exchange with an English missionary since I learn how they teach and I translate for him. However, we met an awesome man who we gave a copy of the book of Mormon too, he is just on the uphill climb in his life and always wants to be closer to God. I can easily see him as a leader in God’s hands, we will just have to see where his heart lies and what he will do with his agency. The elder I was with has been in this city for a few weeks now and showed me all of the spanish homes I didn’t know existed. Christ said that he makes “fishers of men” but sometimes I feel like a hunter, going around looking for the holes in the rocks trying to find the few far and wide. It is working though, If we find as many people as we did this week. This area will definitely see some baptisms soon! 
Also, the address is correct, It has been more than one occasion when I have sent the wrong one hasnt it??
It was also wonderful to hear from ya’ll again, time feels like it is flying, when you sent the picture of my “shrine” it kinda made my stomach drop a little realizing how much of my mission I have already enjoyed and used. How little remains, I will make the best of it! 
The Elder Hagen "Shrine"

The Elder Hagen “Shrine”

I hope you have a great week! I love you!
Tu hijo
Elder Grant Hagen

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