Lots of Pictures

Happy Memorial Day!

I Have good news! 1, I am emailing in the church’s family history center, 2, I can send pictures!
The Baker Hotel

The Baker Hotel

BTW, that is the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, we went by it going to a small city called Graford before any of the storms. That building has some history! Weatherford doesnt have any record of any storms, and they all seem to be going around us on both sides! The most we have gotten was a pretty good sized downpour a few days back! But I am safe and ALIVE!
Buffalo Ranch

Buffalo Ranch

may 15 church sign

may 15 making dog friends

Grant making new friends.

Texas country roads

Texas country roads

may 15 hearding dogs

A Pack of sheep dogs that were blocking the road and herding the goats on the other side of the fence, those are big dogs…

may 15 package from grandpa

ALSO! The box Grandma and Grandpa Morrill sent got here as well!!!!!


pulled pork sandwich

pulled pork sandwich

pulled pork nachos

pulled pork nachos

Homemade banana bread

Homemade banana bread

Nice to see Green on his plates and that he can cook for himself. He certainly has grown from the Nutella and bananas, and tuna sandwich boy of his youth.

may 15 baby goats

Goats a member owns!

may 15 ranch life may 15 texas country may 15 man made island

Someone’s lake and man made island, for scale, the windmill was about 15 feet tall!

may 15 weatherford college

Ironic... there are no hills or mountains... this is tornado country!

Ironic… there are no hills or mountains… this is tornado country!


I hope you have a great week! I love you!




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