No Pictures Again!


Another week with no pictures. The Sunday package reference is because Amazon has started making Sunday deliveries, which bothers me. I do everything I know to stop this, but it keeps happening!!

Also, in his letter to dad (2nd email posted) he talks about Mineral Wells and the places it would be cool to visit. The day after getting this email a tornado went through the center of Mineral Wells. Dang tornados. I asked for info on the tornado, but he hasn’t sent any yet.

Grant email:

“The Package did come on Sunday, it was a wonderful surprise but really weird to be there on a Sunday, we made chicken, bean and cheese nachos for lunch with spicy salsa though! I did get the protein powder during the week though, I thought that you sent that though, was that what Grandpa sent? I haven’t gotten anything else. Stateside shipping makes everything easier, some missionaries even send their stuff home with members who just happen to be making trips to Utah to save on postal fees. I hope ya’ll  find a good way to send stuff to Zach as well, usually sending it to the mission office works if it will take awhile since they will know where he is at, it takes a few weeks longer since they usually wait for a big meeting or some other means to deliver the package to the missionary but it assures that he will get it.

I apologize for teasing you and I feel bad this week since my camera isnt with me, (it was left in the apartment….) and these computers are the WORST for sending pictures, aka this is another non camera cooperative computer… The bright side is I dont have too many months of no picture torture right? If we get IPads, then I can send pictures with ease! 
That is awesome that yall are giving the Elders eggs! I am 100% sure they appreciate that. There is a family that we get eggs from too, they just tell us to bring empty cartons (another member gave us a few) and they fill it for us! Another family lets us wash our laundry in a washer and dryer that they have for the missionaries to use! (They house the English companionship) That is the Bells if you have gotten in contact with them yet, they are awesome! 
This week was pretty cool, each week we are here we are teaching more and more lessons and so far God has blessed us with finding people who are interested! We just have to keep going, keep visiting them and as they learn the gospel they will start to live it! I am super excited for this area! Also, Elder Brown and I are getting along great! He has a large sense of humor and knows how to make anyone laugh, it makes it so much easier for people to feel comfortable with us. 
We were in a trailer park yesterday visiting some people we had previously attempted to get in contact with. As we were walking down the street approaching the house, there were about 5 people there we hadnt met before, low and behold, they turn out to be more family members, and we began a wonderful conversation to get to know them, their lives. I commented on how awesome it was to have their whole family together (since normally people seem to work 8 days a week around here) Then the couple we had talked to before arrived and we were able to spend time with all of them! My companion read a scripture in Acts chapter 2: 37 and 38 which says: 
37 ¶Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do?

 38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

It was an awesome experience and I have high hopes for the Vargas family! I can definitely see this family progressing!
I hope you have a great week! Thank you so much for the package! I love you!
Elder Grant Hagen

Howdy to Ya,

Weeks are passing so fast, I can honestly say that I dont feel like I have been out as long as it actually has been. This week I was on two exchanges with our district leader, and then the Spanish Training leaders (Elder Hansen my last companion, and Elder Ray). The district leader has been out 9 months and it was awesome to see the fire he had in him! When we talked I realized he still had some experiences to live in the mission, but it was amazing to see the fire he holds! It made me feel like an old missionary though, he is the second youngest elder in our whole district, but a great example. So that was one instance of me feeling old. The other was on the second exchange, so Elder Ray and I were in the same MTC district, and apparently he is counting days, on the exchange I saw his calendar on the wall and it has one of the days marked stating to begin the D&C challenge, in other words, if you read one section of the Doctrine and Covenants each day, you will finish at the last day of your mission…. That  was a shocker for me to realize how short is the time that remains, but Elder Brown and I truly believe we will baptize someone this transfer here in Weatherford, there are just the right things here to move forward!
Cool places to see, Mineral wells, you should definitely google this city. The old Hotel it has is super awesome looking, I took pictures, but my camera is at the apartment… Apparently some pretty famous wild westerns visited and stayed in that hotel, now they claim it to be haunted.
There are also some cool antique shops in downtown and some home resturants, one is called Yesterdays Sandwich shop, I really want to try it one of these days. There is a lot of fun stuff to explore here, I also saw a buffalo, someone has a few on their ranch, so I took some pictures…
I dont think they did Fathers and Sons here, but I may be out of the loop since we go to the Spanish class instead of Priesthood opening exercises. One of the wards had a linger longer after church with some deliciously sweet pulled pork! That was delicious and they gave us a tub of the leftovers!! They invited us since we technically dont pertain to one ward but 4 and a branch.  However, we normally attend the Weatherford Ward since that is where the spanish group is growing from. It also makes dinner calendar organization interesting, basically it is divided by the Hudson Oaks ward for this half of the month and Weatherford Ward for the first half of the month, that works out for us, these two cities are right next to each other compared to everyone else out here.
I hope you have a great week! Take care!
Elder Grant Hagen

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