Hurray for Ipads

I dont really want to believe that it is already June! Time is slipping right through my grasp.
So yes I will be getting an Ipad, everyone except my companion and all the other missionaries going home in a week and a half, poor guy, his family keeps telling him how many days he has left. 
I will be able to read e-mails at all times, but I will only be able to respond on P-day, just like a hand written letter. It means I will probabily take it with me instead of paper scriptures in most cases. Eventually it means this mission will be virturally connected. Getting into the gated communities of the cyberspace as a member of the seventy put it. 
Speaking of which, on Wednesday Elder Nielson of the Seventy came to our mission and the whole mission got together. He is the one who gave the General Conference talk on the Prodigal son and our own families. He taught us the reasons, why and how we can use these iPads as tools and not be their tool. He taught about the principle of agency, when we make a covenant, be it baptism or in the temple we are “signing a contract to invest our agency”. The end result being that we will receive all that the Father has! However, if decide not to keep the commandments, it isn’t exercising agency, we already invested that, it is covenant breaking. Just like a contract, breaking a covenant breaks the deal with the Lord. I guess he made it a lot more serious enough, but it was so spiritually powerful. He taught us to be Agents unto the Lord. How in 2 Nephi 2:14 we learn there were things created to act and to be acted upon. Things like trees, plants, the earth, cant act by themselves, they dont voluntarily become tables and desks and such. Yet we are to act, to take up our agency and use it. He told us how Elder Perry, had taught him the principle that resting our agency is still using our agency, it is just the most unproductive and usually aids the enemy in his plans. Stay busy!  I took about 8 pages of notes on his talks and Elder Mills from the missionary department in Salt Lake. So that was an awesome and spiritually filled meeting! I treasure what I learned and felt i could share it with you.
On Tuesday we met a new investigator since our plans fell  through due to the storm, her name is Elane and she is super awesome! We met her with a family that we asked to come teach with us. They really connected and became friends. Elane decided she wanted to investigate and came to church on Sunday! That was wonderful to see the ward take her in and welcome her so kindly! We got the bishop and he introduced himself to her! I realize now that anyone new to the church needs a welcome by anyone and everyone, else, they will not stay or ever come back.
We are teaching about 3 different families regulairly now as well! As well as Elane. This area has huge potential and as we keep finding we will keep moving forward! 
I hope you have a great week! I love you and am grateful for all the support yall give me and everyone though you are so busy!
Elder Grant Hagen
Hangin with the homies

Hangin with the homies

And we are driving again!

And we are driving again!

Gardening, Texas style

Gardening, Texas style


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