My shoes are nearly dead…

Happy Monday! 

I am proud of Tayler for being the First Assistant in the Priest Quorum, I hope he uses it as an opportunity to reach out to others and strengthen the Quorum. I am grateful for Bishop Holmes as well, he is an amazing person, and I am glad that he is our Bishop.
This week was pretty cool! Not too unusual, except for the fact that we have iPads! We got them on Wednesday and it has been so strange! We had a meeting where the Assistants came and district by district we were given iPads, taught how to set them up to the church’s systems, then we had some trainings on how to effectively use them. So what happens is I got a refurbished iPad, meaning that it has been used in other missions and now it is here! I will keep it until the end of the mission, then return it so they have spares in case someone breaks their own and needs a replacement while a new one comes in. The people who had to pay $400 for theirs do keep them. I can check my e-mail any day of the week now, but I have to have wi-fi which is a bit scarce in Weatherford, i.e. we have to go to the church building or McDonalds to use it. I still will  only e-mail on Mondays, but like letters, I can read them anytime of the week, so you could totally e-mail daily pictures or stuff like that during the week as well! 
Yes, Elder Brown se va el Miercoles. It will be strange, since he is the second companion I “have sent home” (“killed” in missionary terms). I don’t think it has set in yet for him just how little time he has left, but I am sure his family has reminded him… BTW please don’t do that, the other missionaries, ward members, and some investigators seem to do it to the nearly finished missionary anyways. 
I will be staying here in Weatherford, and Elder Beckert will be coming here! He is the Elder from Mexico and now we will serve together! It should be awesome! 
So if you are planning to send a birthday box pleaase send it to the same address at 202 College park Dr. #209 Weatherford Tx. (Same address) 
My shoes are nearly dead, I have worn them pretty well on the heels, so I am trying to walk so I wear them evenly now. 
I have about 15 shirts, 4 pairs of pants, garments are doing alright, I don’t know how but I havent had a lot of wear and tear on my clothing. And I found out that dish soap takes the “bacon neck” off of the collars. 
I am happy, have fun! Let me know how the week goes!
Elder Grant Hagen
Cows (we went to a town called Mineral Wells, the one that had a tornado a little while ago) 
June 15 on the way to Mineral wells
The flatness of Texas
June 15 long Texas freeway

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