It’s You’re Birthday, You Got an Ipad (to borrow anyway)

Thank you for the birthday song mom! I thought is sounded great! Also,
Congrats on graduating! I think that it is super awesome, and
probably a great relief right??

So to answer your question, I can read e-mails every day, I just need
to get into a wifi hotspot and they will upload automatically. So you
could send me a daily journal if you wanted too, that would be
awesome! Sadly I can only write back on Mondays. I hope that answers
the question.

This week we had an awesome time! Elder Brown left on Wednesday, but
based off of a picture a member showed us from his Facebook he looks
very happy. Elder Beckert came and he has great energy! He is the
district leader and seems to know what he is doing. We are using the
iPad’s really well as well for planning and teaching. We found several
new families. One was on their doorstep and we had decided to go by
since I had contacted them before. When. We got there, we pulled up,
and the husband, wife, and three kids were all outside on the porch,
we started a conversation that was very spiritual, then we started to
teach. They were really open and receptive! They are just one of the
many families we have been able to find or lead to. I have confidence
we will baptize here.

Yesterday the stake had a stake wide priesthood meeting so there
wasn’t any Sunday school classes just sacrament meeting at 9. We came
back at 3 and had a meeting for an hour, then all of the priesthood in
the stake went out and visited members in a form of rescue visits. Our
ward visited over 60 homes as they went off 2 by 2. Us and the English
missionaries got referrals for part member families! It was awesome.
We also went and visited with people ourselves with one of the
me,bears that wanted advice on how to teach, we visited four homes
though the list they gave us had three houses. We visited literally
every name on the ward roster that nobody knows and asked them if they
want to come back to church, home teachers, etc. it was such a
spiritual event for everyone involved, those who were visited, members
or not.

Also this week I got an awesome package from grandma! I hope it isn’t
living since I put it in the fridge. It said to keep cool hahaaha.
I will also eagerly await the cake and package from you! I love hall
so much and I am so grateful for su bondad a enviarme una caja! You
really are the best.

I will let y’all know how this week goes
Love ya!
Elder Grant Hagen


Elder selfie with the new Ipad

Elder selfie with the new Ipad


Ipad training. Where's Waldo?

Ipad training. Where’s Waldo? (yup that’s him, front middle. I guess seniority has it’s perks!)


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