Ipad Emails are Short!

That cruise looks amazing! I actually got your e-mail when church
ended and I was grateful to enjoy it yesterday!
My week was pretty good, we have this awesome family that we are
teaching who are so ready for the gospel! We visited them on Tuesday,
and they gave us dinner, then we asked them if they knew what they had
learned to be true, watched a video of Christs baptism, and invited
them to be baptized! Now it is time for them and continuing to help
them to feel the spirit. We went by again on Sunday night and we had a
barbecue of bacon wrapped hot dogs! It was awesome! A couple from our
ward came with us as well and really connected with the family in
English and Spanish!
This week wasn’t terrible eventful besides the amazing family. We are
teaching a lot of lessons, and each week we have seen how it gets
better and better. Texas is getting hotter as well, some days it gets
to about 100 like right now it is 93.
I am currently at the Bell house with the zone leaders as well. Elder
Addington is making pecan butter

Sister Bells House

Sister Bells House

Another Selfie

Another Selfie


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