July 4th

Well to answer the questions from yesterday, the primary president
took the picture, (a picture I was texted of 3 women with painted faces with Elder Hagen and companion standing behind. Unfortunately the picture was somehow deleted), and those three people are an awesome family we are
teaching who came to the Fourth of July ward breakfast! It was super
cool and we all had a great time. The bishopric made pancakes and
sausage in a buffet style meal! One of the ward members is an artist
and apparently face pains really well! That was our Saturday morning!
We also had a fun service project with a less active member, he is
building a home out of a trailer home. We were building a rock wall in front of the trailer, he is literally
adding extensions, basement, etc to the trailer. It is really awesome.
The picture of my companion and I is at his house with his small
poodle chihuahua dogs.

july 15 pday selfie
We had zone conference this week as well! That was an awesome
experience that started at 12 and ended at 8 but we were there until
about 9:30 since I got my temple recommend renewed so that I can have
it for when I go home, now it expires in January!
I am loving being a missionary! It is so cool to see the work we do
actually make a difference in someone’s life! Every time we are able
to teach and the spirit is there, people change, their hearts are
opened, and they progress towards Christ. We had a lesson with a
family yesterday and the spirit was so strong, we committed them to
pray daily and continue reading along with their friends who had never
met us before. It was great.
I hope you have a great week!
Elder Grant Hagen
july 15 wilderness
Sent from my iPad


Dear Dad,
sound like ya’ll had a good time for the 4th, the crab legs look huge! (We had them shipped home from Seattle)
We had a ward breakfast to start off the Fourth of July, then we had a
missionary leadership meeting with the the other district leaders and
the zone leaders. The rest of the day we were out and about looking
for anyone and everyone who would let us in on a holiday, it wasn’t
too successful, but at the end of the day we met with a family that
all got together for a dinner, then a second family! We were not able
to teach, but there were about 6-7 people in each group who heard us
out and we set up times to come back!
We also had zone conference on Thursday, I took note in paper instead
of the iPad, I guess just a preference thing, but I have filled up
almost two books and a journal! After a dinner the local relief
society provided, we had a meeting with stake leaders and ward
councils on how to use the new technology to benefit and better the
work of salvation. The cool thing was that on Sunday people who were
at the meeting bore their testimonies on how technology is here to
advance the work, one brother quoted Spencer W Kimball by stating that
40 years ago he had said that “the lord would put devices into our
hands at we laymen can’t even imagine” and here we are in 2015 where
technology is now an essential part of life.

So right now I am e-mailing at a members home, we come here pretty
much ever p-day, do our laundry and such, but here is their dog
chillin with us.

july 15 little dog

I hope you have a great week! I love you and wish the best
Take care,
Elder Grant Hagen

Ipad fun

Ipad fun

Church building we meet in.

Church building we meet in.


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