A Pretty Normal Week

Dear mom,

Thank you for getting emails this week! Last week was good and I still
email Zach, he also has me included in his weekly email feed, but we
write every once and awhile.

So I got the awesome package from ya’ll this week! The only thing was
that the cinnamon rolls exploded in their box, thankfully the box was
the only damage, we put the rolls in the fridge and finished them off
this morning.

This week was pretty normal, one thing we did was take the map in our
area book and find all of the past invs. And plan routes and blocks
according to the routes! It went really well and we have found a few
new people to teach!

I don’t have a ton to talk about this week, we had a district meeting,
and I led the recitation and we said D&C 4 and our missionary purpose,
good thing we recited those in teacher and priests quorum!

We also went tracting a lot, due to mapping out our past investigators.

Also! We had an exchange with the zone leaders as well, I stayed in
our area, we went walking for most of the day.

I have to go but I hope you have a great week!

Elder Grant Hagen

Package that contained exploded cinnamon rolls

Package that contained exploded cinnamon rolls







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