A Hard Week

July ends this week, that was brief.
This week felt like there was a ton of pressure and I have no idea
why, like some days I felt exhausted. Maybe that is just what happens
at this point in a mission? I have no idea, but I am still going
Some awesome things happened though, we are teaching a family that
last week had come to church, they weren’t able to last Sunday but
they are moving forward at an amazing rate. During the week we taught
them about baptism, which they have plans to do already, then we
taught about the temple, and now they want to go! On Saturday a member
baptized his son and the family came as well! We were so excited and
the members were so happy to have their son baptized, we had taught
him all of the lessons and helped plan everything!
I hope you have a great week! I look forward to hearing from you!

Elder Grant Hagen

Found a cute little buddy

Found a cute little buddy


Shooting Hoops

Shooting Hoops

Howdy pa,
Thank you so much for emailing me this week, when I signed on this
morning, only your email and the mission report came up so thank you!
This week we went back to the town called Mineral Wells twice, the
first time we went we tried by a few referrals the elders in the
English branch over here gave us. Well all didn’t go as planned, first
we had to deal with a large guy with a bat as we pulled up to the
first house, he walked out of the neighbors home. We got an uneasy
feeling and left. While looking for another home, the Gps got us lost
and we ended up by the abandoned prison and all of the either
evacuated or abandoned, it was not a good feeling either way.
The second time we went back we had an amazing dinner of pork tacos
with a member family that lives out there, afterwards we had an
amazing lesson since all of their family was there. Something cool we
did is each person shared their testimonies as we went around the
room. It was such a spiritual experience and some family members
decided they now are strengthening their goal to go to the temple so
that was cool!

Que tenga buen semana papi! Nos vemos!

Elder Grant Hagen


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