Howdy Ma!

We had an amazing week!
And yes, sister Morrill and I remembered we are cousins, but she goes
home on Wednesday, crazy right?!
Tuesday we had a wonderful lesson at a members home with a family we
have been teaching basically since e beginning of my time here! We all
had a dinner of taco salad and then taught the family! Hey had a pet
llama that was walking around outside he whole time, it was so cool!
We had district meeting on Tuesday as well! I gave a cool training
about why we are missionaries.!
Sunday we had two families at church! It was so amazing, as we
anxiously waited at the entrance to the foyer. Just as church began
they walked in the other side! One family could understand English,
but I was translating the whole meeting for the other and a few more
I think those are the highlights  of the week!
I am so happy with how the work is going here and to make it even
better, I am not getting transferred!

I hope you have a great week, I love ya!

Elder Grant Hagen

Look Ma... a llama!

Look Ma… a llama!

Silly Elders

Silly Elders

Flowers in my hair

Flowers in my hair

Hola papi!

Pues esta semana no fui a muchas lugares tan interesante pero a mi me
gusto lo que ha pasado.  After these two transfers we had two families
come to church! These people are so ready and prepared for the gospel!
Also, elder Beckert and I get to stay together for my second to last
transfer! Your week sounded awesome, and I definitely have stories of
my mission, and I will have even more! Plus, everything is lined up,
people are ready, and we may definitely baptize this transfer!

Thank you for all of your support!
Elder Grant Hagen

What's in the bowl Elders?

What’s in the bowl Elders?

Monster trucks

Monster trucks


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