25 Days


Thank you for your great emails, that is cool that Elder Brown is

related to the Wheelers! I saw him a few weeks after he went home, he

came with his family to visit some members and investigators, and we

ran into him, not supposed to happen, but it was cool to see him

again. The only downside was that it made me miss ya’ll a bit that



My week here was pretty good, I thought that it was kinda scary that

Tayler mentioned I only have 25 days left. That was a reality shock,

but I am still doing good here, we have two baptismal dates with a

brother and sister, but sadly none of the people we have been teaching

came to church. That seems to always be the biggest struggle, because

when they come, then they feel the spirit the same way we feel rested

and renewed after Sunday, but getting them to come is the biggest



On Friday we taught this super cool guy named Carmelo, we taught about

keeping the sabbath day holy, tears came to his eyes as he felt the

spirit and realized he wasn’t keeping that commandment, and he decided

he wanted to change. Come Sunday we knew he wouldn’t make it to church

since his boss had called him in to work, but there was a baptism at

6pm of a child in the ward, he said he would meet us at 5:45. We got

there, 5:45 came, and went by, 5:55 came and he wasn’t there then 6,

6:05 and we decided that since he wasn’t answering his phone we need

to go to his house. We get there and one of his friends had peer

pressured him out of going and they were watching soccer, it was a

frustrating/ disappointing experience. I know that if he had the Holy

Ghost, that decision wouldn’t have been the same, but he will only

obtain the Gift of the Holy Ghost after baptism, only having the light

of Christ right now guides him to feel the spirit and know if things

that are good and true, but it doesn’t bring to remembrance or prompt

as the spirit does.


On a good note, the members are awesome at feeding us dinners! We had

dinner with one family where he got back from his mission only a year

ago and now is married, they are super awesome and we had some really

good chicken quesadillas with them.


I hope ya’ll have a great

Elder Grant Hagen


sept 2015 selfie

sept 2015 car ride


A Hat for Every Day of the Week

Howdy Ma!


This week has been pretty good, we did service (see first picture) and

helped a man move some storage, we also do service at a good will like

place and they had this thing called a bag sale where they sell as

much clothing as you can fit in a black trash bag. So for five dollars

each, elder Beckert and I filled up a bag, and thus the hats.


By the way, how is the blog?


This week we also had a great experience with a few of our

investigators, others decided that they didn’t want to change, but I

want to share one of the stories. We visited a man for the third time

in the past two months. The reason it has been so few, is every time

we have gone by, he has been drunk. The spirit can testify to a man

who is sober with ease, but when he had alcohol in his system, his

mind has been numbed to the feelings of the spirit. So we taught him

to his needs, being the word of Wisdom, he understood by the end that

it is a commandment of God and that he is sinning. We committed him to

stop drinking. He did. On Saturday we visited this man again, and he

was humbled, listened to us, and there was no hint of liquor on his

breath. He felt the spirit, he accepted a baptismal date, if we hadn’t

been bold with him, I am sure none of this would have happened. But we

cried repentance and it worked.


I hope you have a great week! I love you and thank you for your email

on Sunday! I got it during stake conference and read it before it




Elder Grant Hagen


Sept 2015 moving storage service

sept 2015 hat sale

City Hall in the Car Lights

City Hall in the Car Lights

mmmm Tostada

mmmm Tostada

Discussions with a Drunk Guy

Howdy Ma!

Thank you for your email! I haven’t heard from dad yet but I would
love to hear about the demolition Derby.

This week went pretty well, on Tuesday we drove with a member who
essentially is Jed just 6’5″ and super awesome, to a town called
Carrolton, which is about an hour and a half away for a doctors
appointment for my companion. I am so grateful he was willing to help
us out and we had a great time talking about the gospel, the ward’s
missionary work, how to get people to understand that preaching the
gospel is part of our baptismal covenant. It was pretty much a brain
storm. That same member invited us over on Friday for dinner and he
had another member family over as well. They made an amazing taco
salad, btw, thousand island dressing tastes great on it! We shared a
lesson about repentance, and how if we repent our faith increases,
when our faith increases we realize we have more to repent for. And as
our faith grows we can see the miracles that God gives us in our
daily, so we invited them to record and keep track of God’s hand in
their lives, and to help others see it as well. The lesson went well
and we all felt the spirit.

Apart from not getting transferred, this week was pretty routine,
studies, teaching, all that good stuff.

Another lesson we had this week was when we decided to go to this huge
trailer park forest complex tucked away about fifteen minutes south of
the city. We normally visit a less active sister there but a while
back we were also teaching her neighbor. Well we went down there
looking for past investigators whom we had records of and decided to
knock on this less active sisters neighbor’s home once again, and it
was a success! We talked with her, she said she was busy but would be
at the members home in a few moments. So we left, went to another few
trailers to no luck, but found some super friendly dogs, they were
small and reminded me of ewoks but one was super defensive or jealous
and went after the other ones while we were petting them… Awkward.
But when we got back to the less active’s home, the neighbor was just
walking over and we had a pretty good lesson with them all.

There was a drunk guy we met, so I asked him if he wanted to be with
God, he said of course, so I told him he needs to repent of his ways
and be baptized, he said he would. Sadly due to alcohol he won’t
remember any of that… But it was worth a shot.

I hope ya’ll have an awesome week, I will start sending a few boxes
maybe two or three home, but would ya’ll be able to send a nice white
shirt size 15 1/2 neck , fitted and (34?) long sleeved? I have a lot
of shirts but being in a nice new shirt for my final interview and
zone conference would be greatly appreciated.

I love you!

Elder Grant Hagen

Sept 2015 cat


How did your week go? Mine was pretty good, it was pretty routine but
I am happy to say I am loving being a missionary. It is kinda crazy
and makes it harder while people keep asking if I am trunky, one
member told me “remember, you are called to a 24 month mission, not
23” apparently some missionaries have just “died” their last month in
this area. But we are still going strong!

We are teaching a super awesome couple who are recently married, less
active, but want to go to the temple! We taught them about how we can
share the gospel with our friends, and we roleplayed with them sharing
their testimonies as if we were people they were teaching. They
thought that was super cool and helpful. The amazing part is we passed
by two days later and they had taught one of their friends! That was
exciting for them.

The pictures are of the less active couples cat.

It didn't want us to leave

It didn’t want us to leave

I hope you have a great week! I look forward to your email!

Elder Grant Hagen

Finishing in Weatherford Texas

Thank you for your email!

We got the transfer call at about 6:25 this morning telling us we are
going to stay! So I will finish my mission here with Elder Beckert, I
am pretty excited because I want to pretty much work until I am
exhausted. This also means I will have spent a quarter of my mission
in Weatherford, I.e. A quarter of my mission in an English ward.

august 2015 missionaries

We had a man come to church this week. I told his story to Dad
already, I think that was the highlight of the week, now I just need
to understand how get people to come more than one week in a row.

I am enjoying Weatherford, here is a less active couple whom we are
helping get ready to go to the temple, they are very open hearted and
want the spirit more abundantly, every time we teach them, they feel
the spirit and have great insight to what we share. And so far, they
have come the last two Sunday’s!

I hope you have a great week!

Elder Grant Hagen
P.s. The last picture I meant to send to dad. Apparently Camaros are
cheaper here according to the member who owned the 1968 that I am
standing next to.

august 2015 camaro

California Accent

Dear mom,

Thank you for your email. I have been trying to email Tayler back, I
sent him one two weeks ago, but I wasn’t able to respond to his latest
email, I will try to do better.

Also, it is very weird for me to realize that I am going home at the
end of next transfer, either with members, or my companion, or other
missionaries have a tendency to bring it up currently, it is scary to
think of, but at the same time, it is a necessary realization and I
will be happy to see ya’ll again. And FYI to my brothers, I won’t have
trouble speaking English, from time to time I forget words, just a few
moments ago I forgot that the English word for conocidos is
acquaintances… My companion says I have a heavy Californian accent.
I don’t think so, ya’ll has become part of my everyday vocabulary.

Dad sent me a copy of his talk and it was awesome, it looks like he
copied and pasted some of my email though… Hahahahahaha I thought
that was cool.

Yes we had interviews this week! President came to our apartment and
sat in a chair in our bedroom while I sat on my bed as we talked. When
he got to the door, elder Beckert and I were in our suits (president
is going to be there, we should be in our suits right?) he looked at
us, told us it is way too hot for suits and told us to take the
jackets off. He also asked me to dedicate the
apartment using the priesthood. That was a cool experience as well as
we all kneeled down and I offered up a prayer.

On Thursday we had weekly planning and apparently my companions family
sent us a pizza! We didn’t complain about that, it was a nice lunch
while we planned.

august 2015 elder beckert fam sends pizza
This week we also made a big focus on maintaining daily contact with
the people we teach and it payed off! There were about 8 or 9 focus
groups of people we had and we were hoping they would come to church,
but church came and passed and none showed. A few minutes later one of
our investigators calls and asks us if we would be at the 1 o’clock
English ward, we said we would definitely be there if he was going to
come. And sure enough, him and his two kids showed up! It is such a
struggle sometimes to help people come to church, but they can feel of
the spirit when they do. Even more so than people who have grown up in
the church our whole lives. We don’t know what it is like to not feel
the spirit. And they recognize when it is there a lot better than we

I hope you have a great week! I love you, I am still working on those
essays, but I have been happily busy, I will get them to you.

Elder Grant Hagen


Watermelon murder

Watermelon murder

Lone Star Selfie

Lone Star Selfie

Grateful for an Air Conditioned Car

Thank you for your email yesterday, I was in ward council two hours
later and got the notification that you had sent it (since we don’t
have wifi in the apartment).

To answer questions, yes Texas has been super hot recently, we have
had several days now of over 100 weather, it has been fun! I am
grateful that this year I have been able to enjoy the heat from an air
conditioned car instead of being on a bike like last year. We still
park, and walk a few blocks, but we have a guaranteed escape from the
scorching, and humid heat. People that we teach are super generous
with drinks though, even those who we have just met or happened to
knock on their door, they are kind enough to give us a water or coke.
Things such as trees and grass are starting to dry out now, it also
means less mosquitoes attacking us. We got a few clouds a couple days
back and even some light showers that maybe lasted 5 minutes and
dropped the temperature to 99 or 98 for a few minutes.

We are teaching a guy named Carmelo! He was taught a few years ago and
he is so ready for the gospel! We saw his teaching record and decided
to try by. We knocked, he let us in, and  as we talked he taught us
about what he remembered about the gospel, including the first vision!
It was great! We came back the next time on Saturday. I asked him what
a true was to him. We taught that God has truths, we taught him what a
covenant is. Then I sat next to him and we all watched the bible video
of Christ being baptized after reading Mosiah chapter 18, the spirit
was so strong in the lesson. I asked him if baptism was the desire of
his heart, after a pause, he said yes! He didn’t accept a date, but we
have high hopes for him!

We also had an exchange with the Spanish training leaders! Elder
Badillo and Elder Ray who started with me! I stayed in Weatherford,
and Elder Badillo and I had some awesome lessons! He guided us to some
of the people who he had taught while he was here, and some of them
are interested more now than before! We also said goodbye to a boy who
got baptized recently but is now going to school as well. It was a
good exchange.

exchange with Elder Badillo

exchange with Elder Badillo

august 2015 elder badillo

You asked a few days back if I am able to look at past emails, and for
the most part I can, the only ones I can’t access are the ones I got
before the iPad since they won’t upload. I can still get on a computer
and see those though.
Elder Grant Hagen

A Routine Week

Howdy Ma,

I got my brothers emails last week! That was awesome to get!  I will
email them back!

This week was very routine, but unfortunately we had to spend quite a
bit of time putting all of our paper records into our digital area

On the flip side we had a few amazing lessons with some of he families
we are teaching. The first picture is a lesson we had with a family
that came to church once, they are super awesome and we have had
dinner with them a few times, I hope ya’ll can meet them one day!

august 2015 lesson

The second picture is a guy who was baptized a few weeks ago! He is
leaving for school so we are visiting him and his family more often
until they head out, he and his little brother get to go to a private
school, so we are helping him be a missionary!

august 2015 recently baptized young man

We also had a lot of dinners with members this week! I think almost
every day! That was pretty awesome and a good highlight.

We are barbecuing a few hamburgers right now, it should be awesome!

august 2015 bbq selfie

I hope you have a great week! I love you  so much!

Elder Grant Hagen

Hola pa,

I got that awesome package, and yes, I have eaten all the cinnamon
rolls and was threatened within an inch of my life for the shirt… It
was awesome!

august 2015 elder hagen package

There wasn’t a ton of things going on this week due to having to
imput paper records into digital.

I am really sorry I don’t have a lot to email about this week. I hope
you have an amazing week. I love you dad and I am grateful for all
that you do. You are such an example to me in everything I do, you
taught me a lot, and continue to teach me. Thank you!

Elder Grant Hagen

Weird spider bug

Weird spider bug

Ummm... Elder

Ummm… Elder


dog tricks

dog tricks