A Routine Week

Howdy Ma,

I got my brothers emails last week! That was awesome to get!  I will
email them back!

This week was very routine, but unfortunately we had to spend quite a
bit of time putting all of our paper records into our digital area

On the flip side we had a few amazing lessons with some of he families
we are teaching. The first picture is a lesson we had with a family
that came to church once, they are super awesome and we have had
dinner with them a few times, I hope ya’ll can meet them one day!

august 2015 lesson

The second picture is a guy who was baptized a few weeks ago! He is
leaving for school so we are visiting him and his family more often
until they head out, he and his little brother get to go to a private
school, so we are helping him be a missionary!

august 2015 recently baptized young man

We also had a lot of dinners with members this week! I think almost
every day! That was pretty awesome and a good highlight.

We are barbecuing a few hamburgers right now, it should be awesome!

august 2015 bbq selfie

I hope you have a great week! I love you  so much!

Elder Grant Hagen

Hola pa,

I got that awesome package, and yes, I have eaten all the cinnamon
rolls and was threatened within an inch of my life for the shirt… It
was awesome!

august 2015 elder hagen package

There wasn’t a ton of things going on this week due to having to
imput paper records into digital.

I am really sorry I don’t have a lot to email about this week. I hope
you have an amazing week. I love you dad and I am grateful for all
that you do. You are such an example to me in everything I do, you
taught me a lot, and continue to teach me. Thank you!

Elder Grant Hagen

Weird spider bug

Weird spider bug

Ummm... Elder

Ummm… Elder


dog tricks

dog tricks


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