California Accent

Dear mom,

Thank you for your email. I have been trying to email Tayler back, I
sent him one two weeks ago, but I wasn’t able to respond to his latest
email, I will try to do better.

Also, it is very weird for me to realize that I am going home at the
end of next transfer, either with members, or my companion, or other
missionaries have a tendency to bring it up currently, it is scary to
think of, but at the same time, it is a necessary realization and I
will be happy to see ya’ll again. And FYI to my brothers, I won’t have
trouble speaking English, from time to time I forget words, just a few
moments ago I forgot that the English word for conocidos is
acquaintances… My companion says I have a heavy Californian accent.
I don’t think so, ya’ll has become part of my everyday vocabulary.

Dad sent me a copy of his talk and it was awesome, it looks like he
copied and pasted some of my email though… Hahahahahaha I thought
that was cool.

Yes we had interviews this week! President came to our apartment and
sat in a chair in our bedroom while I sat on my bed as we talked. When
he got to the door, elder Beckert and I were in our suits (president
is going to be there, we should be in our suits right?) he looked at
us, told us it is way too hot for suits and told us to take the
jackets off. He also asked me to dedicate the
apartment using the priesthood. That was a cool experience as well as
we all kneeled down and I offered up a prayer.

On Thursday we had weekly planning and apparently my companions family
sent us a pizza! We didn’t complain about that, it was a nice lunch
while we planned.

august 2015 elder beckert fam sends pizza
This week we also made a big focus on maintaining daily contact with
the people we teach and it payed off! There were about 8 or 9 focus
groups of people we had and we were hoping they would come to church,
but church came and passed and none showed. A few minutes later one of
our investigators calls and asks us if we would be at the 1 o’clock
English ward, we said we would definitely be there if he was going to
come. And sure enough, him and his two kids showed up! It is such a
struggle sometimes to help people come to church, but they can feel of
the spirit when they do. Even more so than people who have grown up in
the church our whole lives. We don’t know what it is like to not feel
the spirit. And they recognize when it is there a lot better than we

I hope you have a great week! I love you, I am still working on those
essays, but I have been happily busy, I will get them to you.

Elder Grant Hagen


Watermelon murder

Watermelon murder

Lone Star Selfie

Lone Star Selfie


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