Discussions with a Drunk Guy

Howdy Ma!

Thank you for your email! I haven’t heard from dad yet but I would
love to hear about the demolition Derby.

This week went pretty well, on Tuesday we drove with a member who
essentially is Jed just 6’5″ and super awesome, to a town called
Carrolton, which is about an hour and a half away for a doctors
appointment for my companion. I am so grateful he was willing to help
us out and we had a great time talking about the gospel, the ward’s
missionary work, how to get people to understand that preaching the
gospel is part of our baptismal covenant. It was pretty much a brain
storm. That same member invited us over on Friday for dinner and he
had another member family over as well. They made an amazing taco
salad, btw, thousand island dressing tastes great on it! We shared a
lesson about repentance, and how if we repent our faith increases,
when our faith increases we realize we have more to repent for. And as
our faith grows we can see the miracles that God gives us in our
daily, so we invited them to record and keep track of God’s hand in
their lives, and to help others see it as well. The lesson went well
and we all felt the spirit.

Apart from not getting transferred, this week was pretty routine,
studies, teaching, all that good stuff.

Another lesson we had this week was when we decided to go to this huge
trailer park forest complex tucked away about fifteen minutes south of
the city. We normally visit a less active sister there but a while
back we were also teaching her neighbor. Well we went down there
looking for past investigators whom we had records of and decided to
knock on this less active sisters neighbor’s home once again, and it
was a success! We talked with her, she said she was busy but would be
at the members home in a few moments. So we left, went to another few
trailers to no luck, but found some super friendly dogs, they were
small and reminded me of ewoks but one was super defensive or jealous
and went after the other ones while we were petting them… Awkward.
But when we got back to the less active’s home, the neighbor was just
walking over and we had a pretty good lesson with them all.

There was a drunk guy we met, so I asked him if he wanted to be with
God, he said of course, so I told him he needs to repent of his ways
and be baptized, he said he would. Sadly due to alcohol he won’t
remember any of that… But it was worth a shot.

I hope ya’ll have an awesome week, I will start sending a few boxes
maybe two or three home, but would ya’ll be able to send a nice white
shirt size 15 1/2 neck , fitted and (34?) long sleeved? I have a lot
of shirts but being in a nice new shirt for my final interview and
zone conference would be greatly appreciated.

I love you!

Elder Grant Hagen

Sept 2015 cat


How did your week go? Mine was pretty good, it was pretty routine but
I am happy to say I am loving being a missionary. It is kinda crazy
and makes it harder while people keep asking if I am trunky, one
member told me “remember, you are called to a 24 month mission, not
23” apparently some missionaries have just “died” their last month in
this area. But we are still going strong!

We are teaching a super awesome couple who are recently married, less
active, but want to go to the temple! We taught them about how we can
share the gospel with our friends, and we roleplayed with them sharing
their testimonies as if we were people they were teaching. They
thought that was super cool and helpful. The amazing part is we passed
by two days later and they had taught one of their friends! That was
exciting for them.

The pictures are of the less active couples cat.

It didn't want us to leave

It didn’t want us to leave

I hope you have a great week! I look forward to your email!

Elder Grant Hagen


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