Finishing in Weatherford Texas

Thank you for your email!

We got the transfer call at about 6:25 this morning telling us we are
going to stay! So I will finish my mission here with Elder Beckert, I
am pretty excited because I want to pretty much work until I am
exhausted. This also means I will have spent a quarter of my mission
in Weatherford, I.e. A quarter of my mission in an English ward.

august 2015 missionaries

We had a man come to church this week. I told his story to Dad
already, I think that was the highlight of the week, now I just need
to understand how get people to come more than one week in a row.

I am enjoying Weatherford, here is a less active couple whom we are
helping get ready to go to the temple, they are very open hearted and
want the spirit more abundantly, every time we teach them, they feel
the spirit and have great insight to what we share. And so far, they
have come the last two Sunday’s!

I hope you have a great week!

Elder Grant Hagen
P.s. The last picture I meant to send to dad. Apparently Camaros are
cheaper here according to the member who owned the 1968 that I am
standing next to.

august 2015 camaro


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