Grateful for an Air Conditioned Car

Thank you for your email yesterday, I was in ward council two hours
later and got the notification that you had sent it (since we don’t
have wifi in the apartment).

To answer questions, yes Texas has been super hot recently, we have
had several days now of over 100 weather, it has been fun! I am
grateful that this year I have been able to enjoy the heat from an air
conditioned car instead of being on a bike like last year. We still
park, and walk a few blocks, but we have a guaranteed escape from the
scorching, and humid heat. People that we teach are super generous
with drinks though, even those who we have just met or happened to
knock on their door, they are kind enough to give us a water or coke.
Things such as trees and grass are starting to dry out now, it also
means less mosquitoes attacking us. We got a few clouds a couple days
back and even some light showers that maybe lasted 5 minutes and
dropped the temperature to 99 or 98 for a few minutes.

We are teaching a guy named Carmelo! He was taught a few years ago and
he is so ready for the gospel! We saw his teaching record and decided
to try by. We knocked, he let us in, and  as we talked he taught us
about what he remembered about the gospel, including the first vision!
It was great! We came back the next time on Saturday. I asked him what
a true was to him. We taught that God has truths, we taught him what a
covenant is. Then I sat next to him and we all watched the bible video
of Christ being baptized after reading Mosiah chapter 18, the spirit
was so strong in the lesson. I asked him if baptism was the desire of
his heart, after a pause, he said yes! He didn’t accept a date, but we
have high hopes for him!

We also had an exchange with the Spanish training leaders! Elder
Badillo and Elder Ray who started with me! I stayed in Weatherford,
and Elder Badillo and I had some awesome lessons! He guided us to some
of the people who he had taught while he was here, and some of them
are interested more now than before! We also said goodbye to a boy who
got baptized recently but is now going to school as well. It was a
good exchange.

exchange with Elder Badillo

exchange with Elder Badillo

august 2015 elder badillo

You asked a few days back if I am able to look at past emails, and for
the most part I can, the only ones I can’t access are the ones I got
before the iPad since they won’t upload. I can still get on a computer
and see those though.
Elder Grant Hagen


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