25 Days


Thank you for your great emails, that is cool that Elder Brown is

related to the Wheelers! I saw him a few weeks after he went home, he

came with his family to visit some members and investigators, and we

ran into him, not supposed to happen, but it was cool to see him

again. The only downside was that it made me miss ya’ll a bit that



My week here was pretty good, I thought that it was kinda scary that

Tayler mentioned I only have 25 days left. That was a reality shock,

but I am still doing good here, we have two baptismal dates with a

brother and sister, but sadly none of the people we have been teaching

came to church. That seems to always be the biggest struggle, because

when they come, then they feel the spirit the same way we feel rested

and renewed after Sunday, but getting them to come is the biggest



On Friday we taught this super cool guy named Carmelo, we taught about

keeping the sabbath day holy, tears came to his eyes as he felt the

spirit and realized he wasn’t keeping that commandment, and he decided

he wanted to change. Come Sunday we knew he wouldn’t make it to church

since his boss had called him in to work, but there was a baptism at

6pm of a child in the ward, he said he would meet us at 5:45. We got

there, 5:45 came, and went by, 5:55 came and he wasn’t there then 6,

6:05 and we decided that since he wasn’t answering his phone we need

to go to his house. We get there and one of his friends had peer

pressured him out of going and they were watching soccer, it was a

frustrating/ disappointing experience. I know that if he had the Holy

Ghost, that decision wouldn’t have been the same, but he will only

obtain the Gift of the Holy Ghost after baptism, only having the light

of Christ right now guides him to feel the spirit and know if things

that are good and true, but it doesn’t bring to remembrance or prompt

as the spirit does.


On a good note, the members are awesome at feeding us dinners! We had

dinner with one family where he got back from his mission only a year

ago and now is married, they are super awesome and we had some really

good chicken quesadillas with them.


I hope ya’ll have a great

Elder Grant Hagen


sept 2015 selfie

sept 2015 car ride


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