A Hat for Every Day of the Week

Howdy Ma!


This week has been pretty good, we did service (see first picture) and

helped a man move some storage, we also do service at a good will like

place and they had this thing called a bag sale where they sell as

much clothing as you can fit in a black trash bag. So for five dollars

each, elder Beckert and I filled up a bag, and thus the hats.


By the way, how is the blog?


This week we also had a great experience with a few of our

investigators, others decided that they didn’t want to change, but I

want to share one of the stories. We visited a man for the third time

in the past two months. The reason it has been so few, is every time

we have gone by, he has been drunk. The spirit can testify to a man

who is sober with ease, but when he had alcohol in his system, his

mind has been numbed to the feelings of the spirit. So we taught him

to his needs, being the word of Wisdom, he understood by the end that

it is a commandment of God and that he is sinning. We committed him to

stop drinking. He did. On Saturday we visited this man again, and he

was humbled, listened to us, and there was no hint of liquor on his

breath. He felt the spirit, he accepted a baptismal date, if we hadn’t

been bold with him, I am sure none of this would have happened. But we

cried repentance and it worked.


I hope you have a great week! I love you and thank you for your email

on Sunday! I got it during stake conference and read it before it




Elder Grant Hagen


Sept 2015 moving storage service

sept 2015 hat sale

City Hall in the Car Lights

City Hall in the Car Lights

mmmm Tostada

mmmm Tostada


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