Life Cycle


I had a pretty busy week, but the sad news is that our investigators didn’t come to church and we had to drop their baptismal dates. That was pretty rough.

This week we had two really big meetings, the first was Zone Conference, we had an awesome time. We focused on a cycle we live in our lives,


it is: faith-> repentance -> baptism (later the sacrament) -> Holy Ghost -> enduring to the end (learning and growing ->repeat


That is the cycle of progression we use in this life to get us back to our father in Heaven, and this applies not only to us, but to everyone, including the people we teach. It was pretty cool, I guess it is something I already knew, but I gained a deeper understanding!


On Sunday we taught a super awesome family that we have been trying to get in contact with after a month of not seeing them, they have been working so much, and taking English classes, and providing for their family. We sat down and honed in on Faith it was amazing!


Friday we had another meeting where we got all of the missionaries in the mission except about 30 to hold a training on keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, most of us had already seen the video segments from the General Authority April meeting that all the Ward councils had to watch. We gained deeper insights, instead of making a list of dos and do nots, we discussed the nature of asking ourselves if what we are doing is an appropriate offering or sign unto God.

 I hope you have a great week! I love you, see ya!

 Elder Grant Hagen


Zone Conference

Zone Conference

Mi querido papi,

Howdy, thank you for the email, and for the package, the shirt fits perfect and I like the tie a lot.


So some things I did this week, we had an exchange with the Zone leaders, I stayed in my area and I decided we should try a super megaplex of a trailer park. We get to it and on my iPad I had a few addresses that we started to visit. Though the elder I was with didn’t speak Spanish we had some really good success, we parked, knock a trailer and no one answered. But we felt that we should try the rest of the street, and two other people let us teach them a bit! One lady answered and immediately invited us to sit at the picnic table outside under the shade and we talked for a long while, I testified that she would see her husband, who had passed away, again if she was sealed to him after being baptized and by being obedient to God’s commandments.

Afterwards, we had dinner at a members house, so this family built a super cool galvanized aluminum home, on the outside it looks like a shed or a barn, but inside it has two bay doors on both ends for a machine/ mechanic shop and the other half of the building is walled off to form the home. Inside it, you couldn’t tell that you were in that type of a building at all!

On Friday we had an exchange with the Spanish training leaders, I went their area in Hurst and got to help some members that I had known while I served there move, it was nice to see than again. We had a missionary correlation meeting as well and I got to see the Ward mission leader again and hear of all the success that were happening in my old areas. For instance, a family we had taught and got to start coming to church has a baptismal date and are really ready to be baptized! It gave me a good feeling to know the work I had done there hadn’t stopped, and what I hadn’t finished wasn’t in vain.

Saturday we drove to a city called Cleburne, there, my companion got to baptize some people he had taught, then they requested that he do their baptism! It is always a joy to attend and be a part of those services.

sept 2015 baptism

I hope you have a great week!

Let me know what happens. Take care.

Elder Grant Hagen


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