The Beginning of the End


So this week started off pretty awesome with a church tour! There is a

family that is coming back to church and they decided to share the

gospel with their friend as well! So we have been teaching them the

last couple weeks and we finally had a church tour! We haven’t had a

bad one yet, and this time we met in the relief society room, talked

about the purpose of an organized church since most people have the

belief that they don’t need to attend, they can worship from home, so

we discussed the functions and purposes. The member shared how much

she loved young womens organization and how much she learned from

being there. We then went to the chapel and talked about the

atonement, how the sacrament is symbolic and is an experience to

remember our Savior. Needless to say, it was really spiritual and

benefitted everyone.


I really enjoyed conference, we watched every session at the church

building. I took notes in everything, by the way, since I can’t keep

my iPad, I will need to send all of my notes somewhere, can I email

them to you?


Our week was full but most of our appointments fell through, we had

district meeting on Wednesday and we sang a song that only exists in

The Spanish hymn book, so I translated it to English and my companion

and I lined it up with the melody. It worked out pretty well!


I hope you have a great week! See you!

Elder Grant Hagen

October 2015 selfie


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