The End: 3 John 1:13-14

Yep, it is almost over, and I have mixed emotions, sometimes I look

forward to it, others, I really don’t want to leave.

We went to the temple on Thursday for instance, I really enjoyed being

there, there are 27 missionaries going home this transfer. I knew that

I was there because my mission was drawing to a close, but I was

grateful to have that experience. When I was in the celestial room, I

felt like I was home and didn’t want to leave at all.

I also had my exit interview on Tuesday, we went to the mission office

and got interviewed one by one, I recorded the conversation.

Sunday night we went to a mission president fireside with a couple

that are coming back to the church! We drove all the way to hurst and

listened to some speakers, a musical number of come thou font, and

president Ames spoke.

So to explain what will happen. I will go to and leave my companion on

Wednesday, there, I will meet with all of the other departing

missionaries, we will have departing testimonies and a dinner at the

mission home. I and the other 5 Spanish elders will be staying with

the office elders in their apartment, but everyone else except the

sisters will stay in the assistants home. Normally the sisters stay

with a senior couple or members nearby.

That is Wednesday, transfer day, and I will see you Thursday

3 John 13-14


I love you!

Elder Grant Hagen



Oct 2015 27 missionaries October 2015 3 amigos October 2015 27 more


I love you!

Elder Grant Hagen




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